Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moti Work Rangoli in Various Shapes

Dear Viewers, India is a country known for its diversification and colors. Rangoli is a colourful design which is made at the entrance or in the house as a part of the decoration for various occasions. Rangoli designs denote symmetrical shapes or the gods and goddesses. In Diwali one can find beautiful rangoli designs at everyones house. Typically rangoli is drawn at any auspicious function.

Traditionally the ladies in the house start her day by drwaing rangoli in front of the house or in the lobby. It ensures freshness and livelyness throught the day. Rangoli in earlier days was made with hand using different colours.

Now-a-days readymade rangolis are available with different designs and patterns, these rangoli's can be used for several times and as a decorative on the dining tables.

Sakshi Creations in Hyderabad has made several designs and patterns with moti work and hand painted designs which give a distinct look to the decoration at houses and offices on various occasions.